How to Find And Fix Broken Links in WordPress Website

Broken Links in Wordpress

Today we’ll tell you how to find and fix broken links in WordPress website.

If you are running a website, then your website probably contains “404 not found”. There are broken links.

Containing a broken link on your WordPress website is bad for your visitors and your site SEO. It doesn’t look like a big problem, but it can be painful. If your site is important for you and you want to rank on google, then dead links can damage your site SEO. But don’t worry about it, we are going to show you how to find a broken link in your WordPress website and fix them easily.

What are the Broken Links?

A broken link also called a dead link, is a link that no longer exists. There some reasons that broken links can happen, but the most common reason is when a page is probably deleted or moved to some other location. Even also broken link can appear when moving a website to a new domain name.

The broken link is not just irritating, they also create a bad impact on the user and show a negative impact on your site ranking. If you have submitted your website to google webmaster tool then you will see that all deal links are spotted in your google search console.

Some Reasons That Dead Links Can Happen

  • The website owner changes the site permalink structure.
  • Visitor type the wrong URL.
  • The linked website has gone offline.
  • Connected link in your site that was deleted or moved to some other location.

In this tutorial, we will show three different methods for finding the broken link in WordPress Website, and in last we will show you how to fix them.

Method 1: Finding Dead Links in Website By Using Google webmaster Tool

Google search console is a free platform developed by Google. It helps webmasters to manage their website visibility in search. Google Search Console provides different details of your website such as performance, impression, total click, coverage, indexed pages, error, excluded pages and much more. It also provides information about errors including 404 errors which source by a dead link.

First login in your google search console account, then click on the ‘Coverage’ option from the left horizontal menu. Then click on the ‘Error’ and ‘Excluded’ box that provided in the right section. You will find a 404 error under both of them. After click Google Search Console will provide you a list of errors or issues page that encountered by google while visiting your website.

finding broken link in WordPress website using google search console

You need to find ‘404 not found’ in the given list. Clicking on ‘Not found 404‘ error it will you all the links that are dead links on your WordPress website.

You can download the broken link list by clicking on the download button. Then you should fix these dead links.

Find Broken Link in Website by Using Online Broken Link Checker Tool

In this method, we are using an online Broken Link Checker tool. It allows you to check the internal and external broken links of your website. If your website is not big, you may be able to use a free online broken link checker tool. It allows you to check up to 3,000 pages to your website.

Online broken links checker is very easy to use, you just need to put your website URL in the input field and click on the find is broken links button.

Online Broken Link checker tool

It will forward you to an online broken link checker tool, where you need to provide the security code. And it will be asked you two options. One is “report distinct broken link” and the other is “Report all occurrences of each dead link” you can select according to your choice, then click on the ‘Find Broken Links now’ button.

Insert website URL in Online Broken Links Checker tool

Then, the tool takes a few minutes to processed the operation and provide you all the dead links that your website containing and also provide the page source where the broken link appears.

list of broken link in wordpress website provided by broken link checker tool

Find Broken Link using Broken Link Checker plugin in WordPress

In this method, we are using the broken link checker plugin. It developed by ManageWP. It is a free plugin that helps you to check all links on your website. This plugin monitors all links include posts, comments, pages, and more and if you find any broken link on your website. It will notify you of your WordPress Dashboard and email.

Broken Link checker Plugin

First, you need to install and active this plugin. You can install in through plugin >> Add plugin option and you can also download it from the above-mentioned link and install it manually.

After activation waits for a few minutes because plugin takes some time to analyze your website then, go to the plugin setting.

Basic Setting of Broken Links Checker

In the General setting, you can see the number of the broken link if it found any. By clicking on the ‘found broken links’ you will get the list of the broken links on your website. You can set the time to check each link in ‘Check each link’ input field. By default, it set on every 72 hours and sends you a notification through email if you find any new broken link. You can also enable the dead link notifications for authors.
After all changes according to your need click on ‘save changes’ button

general setting of broken link checker plugin

Go to the ‘look for links in’ tab, you can set link checker position. So you can able to check the links from those locations. By default selected positions are blog posts, pages, and comments. IF you want to check more positions to be checked. You can check according to your needs.

look for links in setting of broken link checker plugin

Then go to the ‘Which Links to check’ tab, in this, you can enable which type of link will be checked. By default enable link is HTML links, images and embedded YouTube videos. If you want to enable more types of link then you can select the options.

which links to check setting of broken link checker plugin

In the next tab, this plugin uses Basic HTML and YouTube API. We prefer you to leave it default. If you are using Media fire and Rapid share Service, then you can enable their API.

protocols and APIs setting of broken link checker plugin

This is a basic Setting for a broken link checker plugin. After all the changes click on the ‘Save Changes’ button.

You can find all broken links on your website, go to the Tools >> link checker in your WordPress admin dashboard.

How to fix Broken Links in WordPress

We have already shown you three different methods to find a broken link in your WordPress.

Now it’s time to show you how to fix broken links in WordPress website.

For fixing broken link you need to go Tools >> Broken links. There you get all the broken links that were found on your website. You can also see the URL, Status, link Text and source of the broken link.

list of Broken Link URL that found in the website  With the help of broken link checker plugin

Now you need to hover over the link and select ‘Edit URL’ to edit the link and replace it with the correct/new URL. You can directly edit the link without open each page.

Fix Broken Link URL With the help of broken link checker plugin

When you have fixed the broken link, you can manually check the broken link.

We hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to find and fix broken links in WordPress website. If you have any queries feel free to comment you can also communicate with us on social media.
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