How to Enable Immersive Floating Search Bar In Window 10

Float Search Bar In Window 10

In this tutorial, we are discussing the floating Search bar in window 10. We are going to show a registry tweak to enable a hidden search bar UI in window 10.

Microsoft has enhanced the window 10 search functionality with the latest update. Window Search and Cortana were divided to provide comfort to people who only use one of the themes. Windows Search by default attached to the taskbar. So it depends on the user, you can either disable or show search bar to save taskbar space.

When you want to search something in the window you click on the search box and you can also access the search box using WIN + S short key or by pressing the Start Menu button, and you will type your search item and a window will show results in the search box fly-out.

Did you know the latest Window 10 versions come with a floating search bar / immersive search bar?

To access the floating or immersive search bar, you need to manually activate it. Because by default floating search bar is disabled.

Here is the screenshot of default search bar on the taskbar in window 10

Default Search Bar Icon

And here is the immersive or floating search bar in window 10.

Floating Search Br in window 10

The floating search bar follows the window theme and colorization. For example, you are using a dark or light theme in window 10, the floating search bar uses the same.

When you enable the float search bar, you can access it by using Win + s short key anywhere. You can access it on the top of any program in the window by using the short key or click on the search icon.

If you want to enable immersive or floating search bar in window 10, this tutorial will help you.

Enable Floating Search Bar in Window 10

Enabling the floating search bar in window 10 is easy, you just need to make a simple change in the registry setting. Here are the quick steps.

Go to Run, you can find Run by using the search bar or you can open it by short key press WIN + R together.

Now type ‘Regedit‘ and press enter. it will show you Registry Editor.

Run Window For Opening Registry

Now go the following key.

Registry Editor screen

After this, you need to create a DWORD 32-bit value. In the right section of registry editor right-click on the blank area and select New -> DWORD 32-bit value and name it ‘ImmersiveSearch‘.

creating DWORD 32bit value registry

Now you need to change the value of ImmersiveSearch. For this, you need to right-click on Immersive and click on ‘modify’. You can also set the immersive search value by double-clicking on it.

Immersive Search Value

Set the value of ImmsersiveSearch to 1 to enable the floating search bar

Set the value of ImmsersiveSearch to 0 to disable the floating search bar

The Immersive or floating Search bar will be enabled or disabled easily. You don’t need to restart the computer. But in case it not working, please try to restart the computer and check that the new settings are applied for you.

Additional changes in Immersive search bar

You can also change the corners of the floating search bar into rounded corners with the help of mentioning the registry.

Go to the following directory in Registry editor:


In the registry, the right section, right-click on the blank area and select new -> DWORD 32bot_value option. And Name it as CenterScreenRoundedCornerRadius. After it, you need to double click on it to set the number. The number tells the radius size for floating search bar corners. We refer you set it to 5 for the best experience.

Now try to open the floating search bar and you will see the rounded corners in the search bar.

We hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to enable floating search bar in window 10. If you have any queries feel free to comment you can also communicate with us on social media.
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