How To Add Twitter Follow Button in WordPress

Twitter Follow Button in WordPress

IF you are a twitter user and has own website. And want to engage with people through twitter. Then this tutorial will show you how to Add Twitter Follow Button.

Every website’ owner wants to engage with people on their site with the help of social media. As a result, it helps to boost traffic on the website. In the world, social media is playing a main role among us. Almost everyone has multiple social media accounts. So having multiple accounts give you a facility to engage and communicate with many users. Connecting your website on social media accounts help you to increase traffic on your site.

Do you like tweeting when new articles or news deals are available on your website? If so, then you just need to make a simple way for the visitor to become your twitter followers. And what could be a better choice than adding a twitter follow button in WordPress site?

There are a lot of people who add the follow button by installing a plugin in WordPress. But it’s really simple to add a twitter follow button to your WordPress site with HTML Code.

Today, we’ll be going to show you that, how to add a twitter follow button on your WordPress website manually. You can also add Facebook Like button manually.

How to Add Twitter Follow Button in WordPress Manually.

Twitter follow button is very small in size you can add anywhere on your website. Because it can be added with a few easy lines of code.Most of the users use it in the text widgets. Let us start the process of adding follow button in WordPress.

First, you need to go to the ‘Twitter Publish’ the link. In this web page, you’ll get the input field. Here you need to provide your twitter username and press enter.

Twitter Publisher page

Now you need to scroll down the page and go to the ‘Display Options’ section. Here you will see two options ‘Embedded Timeline‘ and ‘Twitter Button’. Click on the twitter button option.

Twitter Display Section

After that, it will provide you three options. For adding a Different type of buttons you need to click on the follow button option.

Twitter Button Options

After clicking on the Follow button you’ll get the code and also button preview below. Just copy the code. And go to your WordPress Dashboard.

Twitter follow Button Source Code

Now in your WordPress Dashboard menu go to appearance >> Widgets. And select the “text” widget and drag it to put in any widget section where you want to place.

WordPress Text Widget

Click on the text tab in the right corner menu of text widget and paste the code and also put the section title name and click on save button.

past Twitter Follow Button Source Code in the WordPress Text widget

After the saving, go to the site and see the result. You will see the Facebook like button where you placed the widget on your page.

Twiter Follow Button in WordPress site

We hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to display social share button in WordPress if you have any queries feel free to comment you can also communicate with us on social media.
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