How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress Website

Google Analytics in WordPress websites

Google Analytics in WordPress website helps you to track the audience on your website. If you are confused and don’t know how and from where audience reaching towards your website and you are eager to find your visitors but don’t know the way how to get it done. We are here to tell you about every aspect regarding the tool of Google analytics. Yes “Google analytics developed by Google to track your visitors from all over the world. Let’s hold my hand to get this journey beautiful and track your visitors with me.

Google Analytics Dashboard

First, we will provide you brief and simple intro about google analytic and then show you the whole process.

Introduction Of Google Analytics

Google analytics a platform created by Google. It helps you to track your website data such as traffic like generally how much traffic your website has. Conversions, time spent browsing your website, website visitor location. Even it also tracks all your keyword search and clocked on google. As a result, you know about which keywords performed well for the website and also provide details from which countries you got most visitors.

Not even that it also provides details like from which device your audience comes from and which page has more views. Google Analytics provides you graph report that helps you in understanding different things such as how many users your web has, about the session and its duration, the medium of traffic and many more things.

Google Analytics Dashboard different sections

Important of Google Analytics

When you start your website or blog, you firstly want to get more traffic on your website. Google Analytics helps you to track traffic and provide important information about your website’s progress by showing you stats that matters.

Who is visiting your website?

Google analytics show you geographical information about the location of your audience. And also tell which device they use to access your website.

What does the visitor do on your site?

You can know which pages they look most. And you can also track where the users are going on your site, their session duration on your site, and show your bounce rate (the ratio of users exit your site on the first visit). This information helps you with further working on your website like decreeing the bounce rate and increasing your page views.

You can also know that most visiting articles and less visiting article. That helps you to know what kind of things your visitors looking for.

How do visitors find your website?

Google analytic also provide the information that, where did your audience come from like search engines, enter a direct address, Referral links from other sites.

When do users visit your website?

In Google Analytics you know about when exactly people come to your website by the hour, day, week and month.With the help of this, you can schedule your posting time so it will meet that timing.

How do visitors interact with your content?

Google Analytics provides the information that how people interact with your site content. It tells you the percentage of the visitor clicked on which link on your website and many more.

How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress Site

Today in this tutorial we will show you how to add google analytic without any plugin’s. There are lots of methods to add google analytics in WordPress. But we choose to show the simplest and easiest method that can be performed by any non-technical person.

Step 1: First you need to go Google Analytics sign in.

Here you need to log in with your Google/Gmail account. If you already have a Google/Gmail account, then you can log in with that. Otherwise, you need to create an account by clicking on Create account Anchor text.

Google Analytics account login interface

Step 2: After login, you will be redirected to a screen like the one below. Just click on “Start measuring” button

Google analytics Startup interface

Step 3: After that, you need to provide a name in the Account name field. This name will be only used internally so you can use any name as your web/business name. And click on the ‘next’ button provided below.

Google Analytics Create Account Account Setup image 1
Google Analytics Create Account Account Setup image 2

Step 4: On the next screen, you will be asked to choose between a website or a mobile app. You should select a website because you are creating an account for the website. And click on the Next button.

Google Analytics Create Account device measuring section

Step 5: On the next screen, you need to enter the website name, website address, category (optional), country and the time zone. And click on the create button.

Google Analytics Create Account property details section

Step 6: After clicked on the create button, you will get the “Terms of services agreement” pop-up. Select your country and checked on the available checkbox and click on the “I accept” button.


Step 6: Once you have done all the above steps perfectly, you will be redirected to your Google Analytics tracking code.
You need to copy this code because you will need to paste it in your WordPress Website.

Google Analytics Tracking Code


As we told you, you can enter this code with different methods and plugins. We are following a simple method to enter it on our WordPress website.

Step 7: Now go to your WordPress website dashboard menu click on appearance >> Theme Editor. find header.php file and paste the code after “<head>” tag in the file. And make sure you save your changes and upload the file back to your server.



If you are a beginner in WordPress we prefer you use the “insert headers footers” plugin to enter the code. Because this method is unreliable maybe your code will be lost if you switch or update the theme.

Last step with the plugin: For this step, you will need to install and active “insert headers and footers” plugin in WordPress. After activation you need to go setting >> insert headers and footers page. In the header section, you need to paste the tracking code that you copied. And click on the “save changes” button to store your setting.

entering Google Analytics tracking code in insert headers and footers plugin

After completed all the steps, you have successfully added google analytics in the WordPress site.

Google Analytics Dashboard home

Now you will get the google analytics dashboard of your website. In this, you will see the built-in Google Analytics report in the left column. And the menu on the right column. You will get a different section that divided into different tabs and clicking on the tab you will expand it to show more options.


you can also use the same method on the website that not based on WordPress by entering this code on each page of your website after the <head> tag. If you have programming skills you also know the more different methods.

We hope this tutorial helped you to learn how to add Google Analytics in WordPress website. If you have any queries feel free to comment you can also communicate with us on social media.
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