How to Install WordPress on Windows

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to install WordPress on a Windows PC. We’ll describe to you all the importance of installing WordPress on localhost and show all the steps that will help you to easily install WordPress on your PC. If you love to work with WordPress or new in WordPress, you […]

How to Find And Fix Broken Links in WordPress Website

Today we’ll tell you how to find and fix broken links in WordPress website. If you are running a website, then your website probably contains “404 not found”. There are broken links. Containing a broken link on your WordPress website is bad for your visitors and your site SEO. It doesn’t look like a big […]

How to Add Social Media Follow button in WordPress Website

Nowadays every website must have a social media follow button it make their website user-friendly and there is a higher chance of conversation rates. Because of this, you allow the user to easily follow you on different social media network. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add social media follow button in […]

How To Create Child Theme In WordPress Manually

Creating a child theme in WordPress manually. It means we are not going to use any plugin in this tutorial. You can also create a Child Theme in WordPress by using the plugin . Let’s imagine you are creating your WordPress website with a theme you have downloaded or purchased, and you get to know […]

How To Create a Child Theme In WordPress

Do you love to work with WordPress? And want to create a child theme in WordPress? So you can easily apply different functions and customization on the theme. But you don’t have much knowledge about child themes. Just stay with us today we will be going to tell you from head to toe about child […]